Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer with
South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars


10.  It's a great excuse to get out of house work and yard work.
9.    Where else can you find a job that needs no experience, you can create your
       own job title, choose your own duties & set your own hours - & still get paid nothing.
8.   Great organizations need great people & you fit the mold.
7.   It's totally fat free, no calories & no cholesterol!
6.   You can wear jeans or sweat pants to work & meetings - there is no dress code!
5.   You get to meet people from far away, exotic places like Mt. Sinai, Manchester,
      Sparta, Wilmington, Chesterville, Cold Springs, & Hogan Hill.
4.   No one else can do your part in giving back to your community
3.   Job security - we have never laid off or fired anyone in 20 years
2.   Eventually, you will get free pizza and pop
1.   The kids you help will be paying your social security benefits when you hit 65 -
      you might as well help them get good jobs.