2020 Senior Scholarships

This year (2020), South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars awarded
$52,150 to 44 students from the SDHS Class of 2020
Recipients of the 2020 Scholarships are:  Riley Ampt, Stacey Armah, Alyssa Baker, Tyler Baker, Jacob Black, Kyrstin Bond, Maggie Couch, Timothy Dick, Adam Dixon, Hannah Halbig, Megan Heeke, Emma Hobbs, Lily Hoppes, Erin Huber, Josie Hufford, Madison Hunter, Leah Kemper, Rachel Kittle, Allyson Kunkel, Bryanna LaGreca, Julianna Land, Jaelyn Lowes, Mitchell Manford, Kerra Manor, Haylee McDaniel, Brandon McGraw, Elsa Meek, Mariah Mobley, Eva Quinlan, Marcus Raab, Brooke Rohe, Morgan Schroeder, Alex Shackelford, Blake Sizemore, Shelby Socks, Kinley Sweeney, Caitlin Teaney, Deryk Tibbs, William Townsend, Brett Womble & Jennifer Wullenweber. 

South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars was founded in 1991 by Kathi Green, SDHS guidance counselor, and Marvin Duerstock, SDHS principal.  Since then, we have awarded over $940,000 in scholarships to 950 South Dearborn graduates pursuing a post-secondary education. 

The mission of South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars is to promote community service activities, help set academic goals and to provide guidelines that will encourage South Dearborn students to reach for post-secondary educational goals.