2016 Senior Scholarships

On June 4, 2016,
South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars awarded
$42,150 to 46 students from the SDHS Class of 2016


Recipients of the 2016+ Scholarships are:  Tara Bailey, George Ballart, Danielle Bamberger, Jessica Bischoff, Cheyenne Bogenrief, Olivia Bowers, Makenzie Bruce, Brittany Burns, Kelli Campton, Austin Draper, Kaylei Eldridge, Bryan Eng, Dakota Gibbs, Sean Groves,  George Hatfield, Andrew Hilton, Colt Hummel, Gabriel Lahman, Drew Lewis, Alyssa Linquist, Jacob Lusby, Kyle McGaha, Megan Meyers, Blake Mullalley, Dylon Neff, Jacob Neuendorf, Travis Neuendorf, Adam Rector, Kelsie Roth, Mary Satchwill, Wyatt Schwing, Amber Secrest, Abigail Shelton, Taylor Slayback, Samuel Smith, Deborah Sparkman, Cody Sullivan, Megan Terrell, Aren Tibbits, Natalie Townsend, Austin Turner, Breanna Upton, Brett Upton, Madison VanWinkle, Allison Wells & Maria Whitaker.

South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars was founded in 1991 by Kathi Green, SDHS guidance counselor, and Marvin Duerstock, SDHS principal.  Since then, we have awarded $736,725 in scholarships to 787 South Dearborn graduates pursuing a post-secondary education. 

The mission of South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars is to promote community service activities, help set academic goals and to provide guidelines that will encourage South Dearborn students to reach for post-secondary educational goals.