Notes from Past Recipients


Dollars for Scholars helped get my college career going. Being the first person in my immediate family to go to a four-year institution, I was oblivious as to what to expect. During college visits, they don't tell you to expect to pay almost $1000 a semester for books. The scholarship funds I received from SDDFS paid for my books and supplies and made sure I was ready to start college fully prepared. I was ready to do my best and knew I didn't have to worry about how I would come up with the money to pay for those materials on my own. Moving away and starting college is stressful enough. SDDFS took away the added stress of book buying and supply purchasing.                               ~ Heather Sanning,  2005  recipient


My SDDFS scholarship was a great help in my first year at Purdue University.  It definitely helped with the cost of my books, school supplies, and all of the other bills that added up that first year in college.  I am very thankful for all of the scholarships that I received throughout my college career, and the SDDFS scholarship was definitely very helpful my first year at Purdue University         ~Ashlee Kaiser, 2006 Recipient


Receiving a SDDFS scholarship helped lift the financial burden of attending college for me. Instead of worrying about how I was going to pay for school, I was able to focus on my education and making the most of my college experience. I very much appreciate all the SDDFS volunteers; they are the reason numerous South Dearborn students can obtain a college education with less financial burden. Education is invaluable, and SDDFS plays an integral part in providing that to so many students           ~Erin Bruner Fahey,  2006 Recipient


I love SDDFS because they really helped me reach my goals with a lot less stress.  I just finished my associates in Early Childhood Education owing a little less money to Ivy Tech & Ball State.  I was awarded with the Kathy Green Scholarship in 2007 . Huge thanks to SDDFS!                   ~  Kellee Couch,  2007 recipient