South Dearborn Dollars for Scholars Squire Challenge
The SD Squire Challenge is an incentive program
(winner of the 2010 Indiana Dollars for Scholars Most Innovative Program),
meant to encourage South Dearborn Middle School students to start thinking about college.


The Squire Challenge is a non-competitive scholarship
                            - all students who meet the criteria have an equal change of receivng an award
7th & 8th grade students will be introduced to a set of criteria that they must meet
in order to be eligible for the scholarship.
     The students must then continue to meet certain criteria all four (4) years of high school
in order to receive the scholarship
This "continuing criteria" will also help students be eligible
for other local, regional and national scholarships.
The deadline for SDMS 8th graders to apply for the
2020 SD Squire Challenge Scholarship
is  April 10, 2020.
​Students can get the application in the SDMS Guidance Office
The Squire Challenge is funded by . ..
1). Donations from Kroger thru Kroger Community Rewards,
(South Dearborn Community Foundation, Organization UP347)
2).  Donations received from our 2020 Pledge Drive or online